And then the gear vendors bolts into that.

After the GEAR VENDORS is installed in your vehicle you will have twice as many underdrive ratios as you do now (1st, 1st-over, 2nd & 2nd-over) plus an overdrive gear (3rd-over) suitable for towing. If you also have factory overdrive you will now have 3-overdrive gear choices. They do recommend frequent fluid changes and specify a GM synthetic gear lube. We're installing the Gear Vendors overdrive in a Top Loader four-speed car. Then just call up Gear Vendors for an adapter for your new vehicle. BlueBaron762x39 said: The gear vendor is now installed. Also they have a section in there for trouble shooting. GEAR VENDORS did not invent overdrive or the original patents on our product. DeNormanville (maybe the most famous transmission designer ever) created the original product which, GKN (a 6 billion dollar/year public automotive conglomerate) acquired to produce this product for Ford and Volvo. The guy was upgrading to a TKO600 tranny and when the TKO delivered to him he was to remove the GV from his '70 Chevelle Muncie and then ship it with driveshaft. Before, I felt like I was abusing the car at 50mph. Oct 21, 2007. The master power switch is mounted in the console as is a USB port and 12V outlet for Bluetooth my Amazon Music and Sirus from my iPhone. Just got a Powerstroke 7.3 with 166,000 miles on it and just bought a gear vendors unit with an adapter for a Borg Warner transfer case attached. The modifications required included notching the floor pan brace, shortening the drive shaft, and If need to check shocks, vendors gear overdrive case to drive with the brink of us overdrives they can get the top light on. Read about his installation here: We cover the install of the Gear Vendors Overdrive on the 1969 Camaro. The Gear Vendor Overdrive unit is on the transmission. We have a couple of ways to get a Gear Vendors unit onto the back of your powerglide. Ingenious mechanism gives you a .78 overdrive that you can retrofit to just about any transmission on the market. RV and towing type instructions are also available. I always had a TH-400 in the car and I always liked it. I noticed the foot switch was mounted in a very awkward position next to the brake pedal where, with a natural resting foot position would consistently hit the switch. While the 66 Chevelle was out on the west coast it spent some time at the Gear Vendors shop. According to what I've read these units are built to handle 1200 horse power, more than two or possibly even three of our cars would deliver. Only reason I wanted an Overdrive is when I am driving the car and going 55 or faster it's loud and I The LEDs and the enable/disable switch for the overdrive are mounted on the console plate. Gears are multipliers of torque. After installing I ran 2800-2900RPMs at 67-70. In most cases (as in ours) the installation is as simple as unbolting the rear output-shaft housing and bolting on the supplied Gear Vendors adapter in its place. Jun 2, 2016. With 4.56 in Double OD it is 2.49 with our 4L65 transmissions. They installed an under/overdrive unit in the car. The new factory six-speeds (6L45/50/80/90,) yield 6.04:1 - which is great, but these tranny's simply won't live without engine torque management, so this isn't a viable hotrodding option unless you get the tranny with the motor and all the interfacing electronics intact. Bill supports the transmission with a screw jack to remove the mount and crossmember. Lansdale, PA. After scrounging a couple of weeks for parts and pieces I'm about to install a Gear Vendors on the used '89 F250 2WD 7.3 IDI C6 with 4:10 rears and stock in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. You will have a vehicle which performs better, cruises with low noise and great mpg, has all the right gearing to take better car of the engine, and is just a pleasure to drive, with an overdrive that pays for itself. If you have 3.54, 3.73, or 4.10 diffs you just have to have a Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive. A Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive (GV U/O) actually turns that into six separate ratios with first, first-overdrive, second, second-overdrive, third, and third-overdrive (or just overdrive). Gear Vendors has a section in the book on what to look for on your first test drive. I just completed installing a Gear Vendors Overdrive into my 1931 Cadillac sedan. I found it much easier installing when it was out of the car, just remember its Gonna be heavier, and man what a breeze it is to install / connect the G.V to your 727, comes with easy to read instructions, your gonna love your G.V, I run a 30' tire with 4:30 gear and cruse 80 mph @ 3000 RPM. 4,756. Dec 31, 2014. Aside from fairly hard shifts, having those extra gears at your finger tips improves the trucks abilities Got my gear vendors unit installed on the car finally after sitting on the shelf in the shop for the last year. 34 It comes with an extension housing for the th400 like if you were going to bolt it to a transfer case. Beavercreek, Ohio, USA. Putting a 2.0 gear between First and Second is going to keep both torque multiplication and engine rpm high which means more hp getting to the rear wheels. Mar 14, 2012. Get Expert advice about your vehicle. Call us at 800-999-9555 GEAR VENDORS provides overdrive product to racing cars and trucks up to 2000hp and trucks towing heavy RVs up to 25,000lbs gcvw. Whether you are trying to move a couple tons up a steep incline or moving just a couple thousand down the track the fastest way is with the right gearing. Here is a quote from the gear Vendors salesman. I think with 3.73 the Final Drive Ratio in OD is 2.61. 71 SS 454 TH400 2.74 1st gear GV Overdrive 3.55 Gear SC&C Stage 11 QA1's 4 Wheel Baer Brakes AGR Box Straub SR .630 .612 lift 240 256 dur@.050. With a 4 speed, it would bolt in replacing the trans tailshaft.

Our standard kit fits onto a powerglide with an aluminum case, and an 11 inch long stock tailhousing. Warning Always set your park brake when parked. After years of thinking about an overdrive and which one to get I opted for the Gear Vendor. They are pricey new, but they're tough and can be installed behind many different transmissions. Aug 15, 2020. These instructions are for cars and sport trucks with 3 speed automatic transmissions and the Gear Vendors Overdrive using our electronics package. Since I don't have a 4x4 I will need to get an adapter for a E40D transmission. We decided to give the 700R4 and Gear Vendors combo a try to see if we can get a better gear range for autocross use. Steel Soldiers now has an offical calendar available, read more about it at: Steel Soldiers 2021 calendar Using the GV units 0.78:1 ratio in between each gear effectively shortens the jump between ratios and allows the engine to stay in a tighter RPM range. Without factory overdrive you absolutely need a GEAR VENDORS. It is a big unit the Gear Vendors over/underdrive unit. A Gear Vendors overdrive gives the best of both worlds now.. 4.56 gears and a ratio that is actual a bit lower than 3.73 when the overdrive is engaged. for climbing hills and towing. The 200-4R is 4.09:1, and 5.24:1 with a GV. 32 Install the gasket on the Gear Vendors overdrive unit. I'm getting very close to the first fluid change for mine. 7/11/05 Drove from Yuma, AZ to El Cajon, CA for installation of Overdrive Kit at Gear Vendors Inc. 7/12/05 Installation of Overdrive Kit at Gear Vendors Inc. The answer was simple; just add a Gear Vendors Under / Overdrive to the back of the transmission and pick up an instant 22-percent overdrive. In the end I will probably call them to confirm, but I'm leaning towards the recommendation in the install manual and going with the ATF. I took a few picture of it while under the truck recently.. had to gently dimple the tranny tunnel a little to clearance two spots on the GV unit. Veteran Member. redid the exhaust to relocate the crossover pipe and i put cutouts in the car at the same time. What would you expect with 95 HP in a 5000 lb car equipped with a 4:54 ratio rear? Since theres no changing of output shafts, you can simply unbolt the overdrive and adapter and return the vehicle to stock if you ever sell it. So after everything was ok I went for about a 100 mile trip and normally I would be going about 3500-3600 RPM between 67-70. When I finally get to restore my 70 Road Runner, I will put an overdrive in it since I am planning to drive it quite a bit, including highways. I am VERY pleased. The holes in the GV tail there are blind and follow not useful all made way through empty the Mopar tailshaft does. The ratios of the M23W that I used were: 2.568:1 - 1.908:1 - 1.366:1 - 1.00:1 for an even RPM drop through all 4 gears. The Gear Vendors unit offers a .78 to 1 (22 percent) overdrive ratio, and that will effectively reduce fuel consumption, engine rpm, and, oh Be sure to allow 5/8 of an inch clearance from base of the driveshaft yoke to back of Gear Vendors overdrive unit to prevent bottoming out. Gold Member. The second way is our Shorty Glide kit. Rebel also install a Gear Vendors overdrive. Next on the agenda is to start disassembly of what I have now. It's a 70 Chevelle SS with a 454, TH400 transmission and a narrowed for 9" rear. Oct 3, 1999. This gear vendors overdrive installation instructions say it, springs by with. Temporarily install Gear Vendors overdrive unit onto the transmission adapter so that measurements can be taken for a new driveshaft. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience or has heard anything about one of those Gear Vendors overdrives?I was thinking of installing one behind my 79 k5 , but wouldn't it make my driveshaft angle in the back too steep?My combination will be a350/th400/d60 /14bolt ff 4.56 gears/np205 . I don't know if any one has tried the gears Check a thread on over drive gears by m-35tom he has produced a replacement 5th gear for the deuce along with a couple of other improvements for the stock tranny that will help with speed. #8. Forgetting about price for a moment, my top choice based on what I had seen WAS the Gear Vendors overdrive (about $2900). It was screaming. Price on that kit is $2395.00. Early February I answered an add here on TC for a Gear Vendors overdrive and made the commitment to buy. 33 Measure for the new driveshaft. The 70lt1z28. 22-28% gains typical on all three speed automatics, plus all the other benefits of gear-splitting ratios etc. For Motorhomes with factory overdrive the big gains are in the ability to climb hills with better splits in the ratios. The OD ratio of the GearVenders unit is .78:1 and you can engagement the OD of the unit in any gear of the manual transmission at full throttle. Again deleted bc of an unprofessional Vendor with an apparently slow schedule and oversized perception of his knowledge regarding hydraulic pumps and fluid dynamics.