The CPECAMI invitation for Conference April 2017

The CPECAMI is pleased to invite you to its Second High Profile International Conference and First Global Islamic Reconciliation Summit scheduled to be held on 3 &4 April, 2017 at the Aligarh Muslim University, India. As a follow-up of our two earlier conferences on “The Intellectual Crisis of the Muslim Ummah: Rethinking Traditional Solutions” and “Rebuilding the House of Islam”, this year’s conference theme MUSLIM UMMAH: THE ROAD AHEAD assumes a very special significance, especially in the backdrop of the ongoing rampage and depopulation of the Muslim World where more than four million people have already perished during the last three decades of wars and internecine conflicts. The idea to hold a RECONCILIATION SUMMIT should be seen as a future initiative, dragged backward to instill in us a sense of dire hurry and alarming urgency.

The two-day event is mainly intended to mend the broken fabric of Islam. It will alsoshowcase a new generation of Muslim Futurists, a new Muslim Cool; our bridge graduates who have successfully shed their false sectarian identities and now proudly wear the color of God, sibghatullah–ومن احسن من اللہ صبغۃ. The Program – dedicated to restoring confidence among the Muslims and their faith allies (ahle-kitab and shibhahle-kitab) – will address some of the major policy issues; I. Muslims & their Faith Allies in 2030: A Future Roadmap II. The Idea of a New Aligarh: Spearheading the Second Aligarh Movement III. The Future of Science Education in Madaris: Reviving the Qurtaba Model IV. Muslim Personal Law: What Shall We Do Now? V. Reconciliation Summit: Major Policy Announcements.

I personally invite you to join this important event.

With highest regards,

Rashid Shaz
Professor & Director,
Centre for Promotion of Educational & Cultural Advancement of Muslims
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador

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