Rui 14. First names in China are displayed following the surname. Origin: Chinese.

These names are also popular amongst Americans. Akio 15. Hyun-Ki 22. This is a list of the most common surnames in Asia, in alphabetical order of the country. 6) Hafiz. The most common names for women were: Jennifer, Amy, and Angela. Top 10 most common family names in China, their meanings plus interesting origin stories. Katsumi 20. It is a very common female name in China. Guan-Yin (Chinese origin) meaning "merciful". Get inspired by Asian boy & girl names: traditional, modern, cool, and trendy names with unique meanings & origins that are best for babies - some even for pet cats and dogs, too! Sh ln In this Chinese name, sh means book and ln is orchid. 50 Most Popular Asian Boy Names 1. Jung 26. The most recent statistics we have for these Asian and Pacific Islander last names is from the 2010 census. 3. This is an especially common name among the locals. Yoshi 16.

Sakae: It stands for prosperity. Traditionally, Chinese baby girl names are a combination of two names. Hee: Hee is a name of Korean origin and is arguably one of the best names for Asian baby boys. For females, it's "Amy," "Grace," "May" and, yes, "Vivian." 1) Nur. Juan (rhodora) Lan (orchis) For example Lin Yuejuan, Liu Lanzhi. What are some Japanese last names?Sato.Suzuki.Takahashi.Tanaka.Watanabe.Ito.Yamamoto.Nakamura. 2) Abdul. Botan Arjun 9. Most of the Chinese baby girl names represent Ancient civilization, beautiful places, modern cities, and places. Asian Baby Names. Jade. most common asian last names 8.8M views Discover short videos related to most common asian last names on TikTok. Aran 6. 100 Hot and Sexy Names for Boys. Keypal Statistics (c) Students of the World / Etudiants du Monde - Since 2002, November 12 We have got visitors since September Akio This Japanese name means bright. 4. Makoto 25. Juan - the Filipino equivalent of John. Kim Kun-Woo is a South Korean track and field athlete and two-time medalist for the Asian Games. And Jenny, Angela, and Amy are most common for females. A popular Asian girl name. Kali A top 250 baby name, Kali means "black one" in Sanskrit. Sanako: One who belongs to Sana. 2. Niran 31. Xiuying is a Chinese word that translates to beautiful petals or flowers. If you are looking for a traditional Taiwanese name, you should definitely consider this name. Maemi 27. 5. This name has its roots in Vietnamese culture and means slumber or sleep. 2) Siti. Hinata The meaning of this Japanese name is towards the sun. 7.

1. This set of names, in particular, are especially popular in Malaysia. Saura: Celestial. Similar to Ahmad, Abdul is another common name placed in front of a boys full name. 12 different kanji symbols can be used to write Anzu, each one with a different meaning. Ayaka, this Asian name means "colorful flowers". 6. Haha. Hasiao-Chun (Chinese origin) meaning "dwarf bamboo". Chika. Anzu. 4. The surname Nguyen occurs roughly 148 times per 100,000 people in the U.S.

For males, "Andrew," "Eric," "Peter" and "Albert" are much more common among Chinese than among Americans. Maeko 19. Cai 7. While the first is a name that relates to beauty, grace, happiness or something else, the latter part relates to the family root with appealing sound and meaning. Michael, David, Kevin are common abc names probably because they sound generic (want to blend in) Winnie and Jenny are popular Fob Cantonese girls names because they sound cute. Wang, pinyin: wng, means king in Chinese. Phoebe the radiant, the Latin Patricia, the Thai Vanida meaning golden girl, Wendy the fair one, Tye the valley field, Maxine the royal Takemoto, Mink the pearl, Margaret, and Lin or Lynn, the beautiful jade are also very popular names for a baby girl. The meaning of the name is quite good as well. Ryder 2.

Brice is a popular name in most areas, and there are famous people such as Bruce Lee that make it a common name today. Kamol 34. Bingo - one of the most popular Pinoy dog names. Ryou 24. Contents 1 Armenia 2 Azerbaijan 3 Bangladesh 4 Cambodia 5 China 6 Georgia 7 India 8 Indonesia 9 Israel 10 Japan 11 Korea 12 Nepal 13 Philippines 14 Russia 15 Sri Lanka 16 Taiwan 17 Thailand 18 Turkey 19 Vietnam 20 See also 21 Notes 22 References Asahi In Japanese, this boys name means sunlight. 2. Haruto Haruto means flying. 5. Xiuying. 2. Zhng Wi , Wng Wi , and L N are the three most common full names. Alternative Spellings & Variations: . Names like Andrew, Peter, Dan, and Albert are more common among Chinese Americans than Americans. Alon - Filipino term for wave.. It means Religious or Living n Japanese. Keypal Statistics (c) Students of the World / Etudiants du Monde - Since 2002, November 12 We have got visitors since September Choosing a unique child name can be exciting, yet difficult for any parents. Hee: Hee is a name of Korean origin and is arguably one of the best names for Asian baby boys. Albert, Winston and Simon are popular fob boys names because they sound intelligent. Popularity: Xin was the 9th most popular Chinese name for boys in the 1990s. Kim 5. What's more interesting are the names that are more common among Chinese-Americans than the general population: Andrew, Andy, Dan, Peter, Albert, Eric, Alan, Sam, Alex and David. Here are some popular Japanese girl names. Cam 10. Give your child a strong sense of Asian American history and identity with one of these distinctly beautiful names. Hee means happiness.. Its the first name of a famous female architect and poet. Peak Popularity: Juan is among the top 200 names for boys in the U.S., reflecting the Spanish name for John rather than a Chinese name for girls. Meaning: Beautiful, graceful. It is clearly one of the best Asian names that a baby girl can be named with. Wing: Wing is a name of Chinese origin and means Glory Xiu: Xiu is a Chinese name that stands for Beautiful, elegant, or outstanding Zen: Zen is one of the best unique names for baby boys. For Chinese-Americans, the most common names for men were: David, John and James. The surnames Wn (2.75 million people) and u (2.61 million) made their debut in the top 100. In Chinese, Chika means wise or wisdom and so is a common name for Asian ladies. Its a restful name for baby girls in Asia. The top 100 surnames account for 85.9 percent of the Chinese population. York - A short and sweet surname. Here are some pretty female names from Japan. or other words to represent the beauty of a girl like: Ting (slim) Wan (gentle) Li ( beautiful) Jing (beautiful) Hu yn this is just a Chinese girls name that we think sounds nice. Hachi meaning "river". (There were 294,282 registered people named Zhang Wei).

Akira, one of the cool Asian girl names meaning "bright and intelligent". Aki, this popular Asian girl name means "sparkle". Jung Hee 33. 6. Abdul 4. Ping 28. Kidlat - means Lightning. Kuuya 29. More Great Name Ideas. The way the baby girl names that are sure to stand out with starting with A are fantastic. Datu - means Chief or leader. Common Malay Names Among Boys. Akira In the Japanese language, Akira means wisdom. Male Zhang Wei Wang Wei Li Wei Liu Wei Li Qiang Female Wang Fang Wang Xiu Ying She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three children. Tai 13. Baby girl names Baby boy names See all baby names lists Evonne Lack Bradford Evonne Lack Bradford is an educational writer and an instructional designer. B. 2. I'll leave interpretation to the sociologists. Arun 11. Find popular Asian baby names for your newborn boy or girl. 100 Interesting Brazilian Male Names (As Fascinating as the Country) 100 Strong Irish Boy Names (With Cool Meanings) Xuesong. Hikaru 23.

By comparing the frequencies, you can see that these names are all over five times more popular among Chinese Americans! 7. 4) Amir.

Origin: ChineseMeaning: Beautiful, gracefulAlternative Spellings & Variations: Peak Popularity: Juan is among the top 200 names for boys in the U.S., reflecting the Spanish name for John rather than a Chinese name for girls. Greg Denton is a James Beard Award winner, co-author of Around the Fire , and co-chef/owner of Ox restaurant in Portland, Oregon, which specializes in wood-fired grilling and Argentinian cuisine. Korean boy names are some of the most beautiful and cutest names to choose from! Takeshi 18. Sato: Sugar. Anzu can mean forest surrounding the shrine, citrus fruit, fruit, and kindness.. What names are popular in Asian countries?200 islands that provide an atmosphere thats pretty much paradise.Tokyo.Phuket.Bali.Sagarmatha National Park.Hong Kong.Chiang Mai.Kyoto.Bangkok.Jaipur. What are some Asian American names? Maybe you can all get together and agree on what the popular names are before we discuss this any further. Li or Lee is a very common family name, so much so that its also recognized in another Asian language, Vietnamese, as L. Kim is the most common Korean surname because there are over 600 different Kim clans. Two of the most memorable Kim clans, dating back to the Shilla kingdom, were the Gyeongju Kim and Gimehae Kim. Beautiful. Asian Names starting with: A. Poetic, Simple, Cool. Ahma: Black rain. Haru This name means spring. 3. Akihiro 21.

Van 8. Ren The meaning of this Japanese name is "water lily," and its usually more Other more common male names are Eric, Sam, David Alan, and Alex. Li 30. 1. We asked two grilling experts to share their tips for avoiding the most common mistakes grillers make. Eiri 32. Vishal stands for Great and Powerful. Currently, the most popular Asian and Pacific Islander last name in America is Nguyen, with a total count of 422,109 people who have the surname. 1. Watch popular content from the following creators: austinjoshh(@austinjoshh), easternblocvisuals(@easternblocvisuals), Brian Pham(@brianphamtastic), Rachel(@rachpham), 7,000 Coming thru (@thatasianass.kid) . Seiko: Force and truth. Akira 17. Answer: With the exception of Lee this is pretty easy to do for Koreans, Chinese, and Vietnamese, as there are relatively few names in use. It can be a good name to use on your beautiful baby girl Sayo: A girl born in the night. Anuradha, the name of a goddess of good fortune, is another famous one across south Asia. Hi yn This name has beautiful imagery, hi refers to the sea and yn are clouds. Cho, meaning "butterfly". 1. 6. At Haimom, you will be able to search for Asian Baby Names sorted in an alphabetical order, uniqueness and popularity. Chinas most populous surname: Wang, 101.5million people! The Most Popular Names in China Note: first names shown in conjunction with common surnames. 3) Adam. This is, without doubt, one of the most popular names in all of Asia and it comes from China. 1) Ahmad/Muhammad. 5) Ismail. Here are some common Chinese names for girls #1. Abdullah 3. Ji-Woo was the eighth most common given name to Korean baby girls in 2008 and the third most popular name in 2013 and 2015. We usually use the name of flower like. Sakiya: cherry fruit blossom or growing. 5.

Browse Asian Boy Names & Asian Girl Names with their meanings. Zhu: Zhu is a name of Chinese origin and means bamboo.. This list of the 100 most common Chinese surnames derives from China's Ministry of Public Security's annual report on the top 100 surnames in China, with the latest report release in January 2020 for the year 2019. It comes from Old Mcdonalds Had a Farm or from the social game with the same name. Jin 12. Amanda is such a beautiful name for one who is made for love and respect. Bashira, meaning "bright and joyful". It is a common name given to Hindu baby boys. Not only that, but Asians also use the names of a goddess for babies. Anzu is a feminine Japanese name that symbolizes a type of apricot called Prunus armeniaca, also known as the Ansu or Tibetan apricot. The most common male Chinese American names are David, John, and James.

Guan-Yin is the Chinese Bodhisattva Goddess of mercy and kindness.