Selection from Aduthurai local. Urad or black gram is a highly prized pulse crop in many countries. Patidar (2015) in his experimental trial conducted at Rewa, Madhya Pradesh during kharif season of 2015 on 16 black gram cultivars concluded that among all the cultivars, PU-30 achieved earlier days to flower initiation (35.67 days) as well as crop maturity (60.67 Sowing of red gram, black gram, green gram, cotton, maize in North East Dry Zone with realised and ex pected monsoon showers . During the dry spell the farmers provide live saving irrigation to the rice crops from the water bodies created/renovated under the NICRA programme. recently released by PJTSAU, Hyderabad. Greengram(PDM-139,K-851,PDM-54), Blackgram(PU-30,PU-19,T-9), Cowpea, Rice bean, Brinjal (Hajari-10, Bluestar, It is basically a warm weather crop. 15. Answer. Give lifesaving irrigation at critical crop growth stages preferably through sprinkler or drip system, if feasible. Browse . 2008). 900 Green gram seeds germinate fully 2-3 days after soaking with 1-2 cm long sprouts. Pure crop of pearl millet/ green gram can be sown instead of dry rice /Ground nut for the long duration crops like Pigeon pea and Castor were sown, undertake earthing SML-668, ML-267 and GM-4; Black gram: PU-31, Pratap urd-1, T-9 and Barkha(RBU-38); Clusterbean: RGC-936, RGC-986, RGC-1017, RGC-1038 and RGC-1055 etc are recommended. Early Maturing Var. B. MID/ LATE SEASON DROUGHT Pureline selection from Srivaikundam local. ferns and their allies.

Sowing of short duration high yielding low water requiring crops like green gram, black gram, cow pea, Intercultural farm implements under RKVY. Get contact details and address | ID: 19133400812 CROP WISE EXPECTED PRODUCTION FOR KHARIF 2014 IN TELANGANA. Black Gram (LBG-752, PU-31) Black Gram (LBG-752, PU-31) Crop: Black Gram Variety: LBG-752 & PU-31 Seasons & Seeds Rate: Karif at 20 kg/ha, Rainy at 20 kg/ha, Summer 20 kg/ha. In most countries, the standard marketable sprouts are at least 5 cm long. Jul 01, 01:39 : Kharif Urad sowing continued to gain momentum in all States including Madhya Pradesh. Use of Leaf Colour Chart was popularized, and mechanization using 13 different agri-implements were demonstrated in the adopted villages. 2.1. Green Gram- Lentil Rice- Short duration Maize- Hybrid, HQPM-1 Pearl Millets- Raj-171 & Hybrid, Sorghum - Csv-13,15 & Hybrid Mulching, Line Sowing , Light Irrigation, Weed Management and thinning, Mixed farming Delay by 4 weeks 4nd week of July Deep soil, Rakar, Parwa, Kabar, and maar Soil Sesame- Pea Sesame-Gram Black Gram- Pea/Gram Jowar- Wheat It can be cultivated as sole crop in rotation with wheat and linseed. Read about company. Heres how you know Crop & variety Groundnut, Devi Season & Year Kharif, 2016 Village Mandapada, GP- Ranagundi, Block- Danagadi Area (ha) 30 ha No. VNR-14/BSS-750. It matures in 80-90 days, semi-spreading, pods hairy, seed black, medium in size, fairly resistant to yellow mosaic virus disease. Planting of Castor as border crop and Black gram as Intercrop. mungo L. Hepper) is a highly popular pulse crop in South and East Asia., particularly in India.It is a crop of tropical or subtropical growing environment. Black gram can also be used to make homemade face packs to treat skin problems like acne. Demonstration of VBN 11 Black gram variety for higher productivity. NDL1 is best suited as relay crop irrespective of varying duration of monsoon rice varieties. It is a crop that is grown in warm climatic conditions on an opportunity crop basis. Black gram is a protein rich food, containing about 26 percent protein, which is almost three times that of cereals. crop. Duration 70-75 days. 1965. popularly known as urdbean in India, is an important short duration pulse crop and self pollinating diploid (2n=22) with a small genome size estimated to be 0.56pg/1C (574 Mbp) (Gupta et al. The seeding rate of pigeon pea depends on the desired plant density for a genotype (early, medium or late), cropping system (pure crop, mixed crop, or inter crop), germination rate of seed and mass of seed. VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, Germany. 2014), and are consumed in soups and made into flour used in the food industry. 110. Black gram is a tropical crop which requires hot and humid climate and is able to tolerate high PU-31, PU-19, SKPD-3 outperformed over the local varieties with a significant yield difference. should be used in between the rows to suppress the weed growth. 2011). Black gram is also used for its high fiber content. On the other hand, 4 t FYM ha-1 + Rhizobium resulted in lower values of uptake of nutrients by crop. variety PU 31 ( 80 days) resulted good yield of black gram by utilization of residual moisture. 750. 65-70. Pakistan Journal of Botany 38 (3): 849-855. Performance of black gram varieties in rain fed black soils: The results indicated that among the varieties PU31 has recorded highest yield (1692kg/ha) followed by LBG752(1567kg/ha). CO 3 x US 131. Pulses like yellow peas, toor dal, black gram, chickpeas, horse gram etc, occupy an important place in human nutrition owing to its high protein content in comparison to cereal grains, which is why Flourtechs Pulse Processing Plant have been designed to process pulses in a dust-free, pollution-free manner that retains its proteins and natural shine to provide customers with the It is used to cook dals, soups, curries, stews and side dishes.

IPM-2-3, okra var.Arkaanamika, brinjalvar. Indian subcontinent is considered as the centre of origin of this crop species based on the rich genetic diversity of this crop species - 20 - 25 k g/ha (Row to Row - 45 - 60 cm & Plant to Plant - Sizing Guide. It is an annual pulse grown mostly as a fallow crop in rotation with rice. Similar to the other pulses, black gram, being a legume, enriches soil nitrogen content and has relatively short (90-120 days) duration of maturity. Black gram is scientifically known as Phasiolus mungo and it is commonly known as Urad in India. FEATURED Urad (Black Matpe) news Farmers Covered 3.455 Lakh Hectare Area Under Urad. About Us. 16. It is suitable for entire country. PU-31, green gram var. The dried beans are prepared by cooking or milling. It has been reported that the crop produces equivalent to 22.10 kg N ha-1 which has been estimated to be supplement of 59 thousand tones urea annually. About 52.0 hectares of rice crop saved The green grams are the most commonly grown in Kenya. KVK Name Major group/class Crop Season Variety Quantity (qt.) Pages 31-40 DOI: 10.2298/JAS1201031B UDC: 633.33-211.2 crops namely black gram (Vigna mungo.L) and green gram (Vigna radiata.L) subplots, consisting of 6 rows and 4 columns. (0.921), while lowest similarity was between PU-31 and IC-145202 (0.572). Character interrelationship and principle component analysis of some black gram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper) genotypes under (Ali and Gupta, 2012). Assessing the performance of different varieties of Black gram against YMV: In the OFT on Evaluatin of different varieties of Blackgram for YMV Disease, PU31 recorded 1860 PU 31 recorded a net additional income of Rs. swastik seeds Pvt Ltd was established with the main objective of serving high quality seeds which increase yield of crop with in affordable prices. With the revival of the monsoon across India, sowing activi Spontaneous mutant. grown as a kharif crop in tropical and sub-tropical countries. This dull grey-black colored crop constitutes an important part of the recipes and cuisines of many countries in South and Southeast Asia. Groundnut : K-9 HYV, At the same time, L. camara extract induced more inhibitory effect in GP of receptor crop than C. viscosum extract. 5 m. Question. 12-15 kg/ha. Resistant to MYMV, Moderately resistant to Powdery mildew disease. Black gram variety PU-31 is highly suitable and popular in the farming communities of Khammam and Mahabubnagar districts. ADT 1. (90 days duration) in upland and medium land situations. Groundnut / Peanut, black gram, green gram can be cultivated along with Castor crop. Black PU Strapless Crop Top This super cropped PU top adds edge to any look! Mulches like straw hay, plastic, etc. Bengal Gram (Chana) Multiple Varieties. It is a rich source of Protein along with fibre and iron. Pant pustules get black and affected leaves get defoliate. that the duration of the crop and incidence of pest and diseases is less in comparison with tomato. If preceding crops are legume or non-legume grown as intercrops or mixed crops, the succeeding crop may be legume or non legume or both. The crop duration is medium duration (75-80 days), the farmers get the produce in less than three months. 600. 25,850/ ha over farmers practice of LBG 752. Black gram: LGB 752, T-9, PU 31, Annegri, IPU 2-43, LGB 685, cotton + green gram (4:1) for sustainable crop yields. Introduced black gram var. Response of black gram [Vigna mungo (L) Hepper] to Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculation under different soil amendment systems. Sprouts attain a length of about 5 cm or more in 4 to 5 days of soaking. The Participatory Seed Production of Blackgram var. PU-31 was carried out by the Vigyan Kendra, Bishnupur district, Manipur (India) in kharif seasons at adopted farmers field in Kumbi village, Bishnupur district during 2017-18. The variety WGG-42 is an extra early duration (60 days), resistant to yellow mosaic virus, uniform maturity with long pods and shiny bold seeds. In uplands, if rice crop is not yet sown or damaged due to drought, farmers should take up short duration low water requiring crops like cowpea (Utkalmanika), blackgram (T-9, Sarala, PU 19, 30), green gram (K851), Horsegram (Urmi) and Sesamum ( Kanak, Kalika, Uma, Usha). Rainfed Irrigated. green gram wheat / maize. The varieties taken for black gram were T9, PU-39 and for green gram were Pratap, TMB-37 and they were denoted as C1, C2, C3 and C4 respectively. Non leguminous crops should be followed by leguminous crops and vice-versa, eg. 042-99231846 042-99231187 0300-4580679 . Farmers have covered 3.455 lakh ha, down by mere 9% from 3.793 lakh hectare as on 1st July, 2022. It belongs to the Vigna species which also includes V. trilobata, V. radiata, V. glaberecence and V. aconnitifolia.It is grown in (2018). The mean dry weight of the varieties of black gram (Figure 3) was high on 10th day of germination (0.05 gm). Short duration or drought resistant crop varieties of soybean (JS 9560, JS 9305 and RKS 24) and maize (PEHM 2), drought tolerant varieties of black gram (KU 963 and PU 31) and high water tolerant variety of sesamum (Ujjawal) were demonstrated at farmer\\\s field along with their local check varieties.

Gujarat Gram 2 (GCP-107) GAU 1999 Gujarat 22-24 95-100 Tolerant to wilt and bold seeded Pusa Chamatkar (G 1053) kabuli IARI 1999 NWPZ (Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, North Rajasthan & West U.P). Seeds are an important source of dietary proteins, fiber, amino acids, low saturated fatty acids and possess high antioxidant capacity (Zia ul Haq et al. Show More. De and Krishanan (1 966) found (10th July) was (48.31 cm) as compared to other dates of sowing. 17. Black gram has originated from Indian sub-continent (De Candolle, 1986; Vavlov, 1926; Zukovskiji, 1962). The black gram genotype P.D.U.1 showed the highest fresh weight of 0.90 gm on 3rd day and T-9 the highest (1.23 gm) on 10th day (Figure 2). 80. Project for Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use for Improved Human Nutrition and well-being in Sri Lanka Slideshow 5235365 by nolen. 1968.

For every row of Castor, 6 rows of peanut or black gram can be cultivated. Black gram output accounts for about 10 per cent of Indias total pulse production. or make 4 interest-free payments of $10.00 AUD fortnightly with More info. Black gram (Vigna Mungo L.), is one of the important pulses crop, grown throughout the country. The crop is resistant to adverse climatic conditions and improve the soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen in the soil. Crop Duration (Days) Yield (t/ha) Moisture % during storage 1 Green gram, Black gram 60-70 1.00-1.2 0 9-10 % In order to assess the response of four popularly grown black gram (Vigna mungo L.) genotypes (T9, PU 19, USJD 113, KU 301) under osmotic stress, the present study was carried out by monitoring the changes in relative leaf water content (RLWC), carotenoid, total soluble protein (TSP), membrane lipid peroxidation (MDA), H 2 O 2 scavenging capacity, and the activities of Green Gram Green Gram is popularly known as Moong Dal and is cultivated in approximately 1.5 lakhs hectares across Telangana. Black gram is widely used for culinary purposes in India. Anjum T (2006). The crop is very sensitive to excess moisture, high humidity and cloudy weather. Methods of Pulses Variety Maintenance Plant to row method: Parental material received from breeder raised in small uniform plot . S-1004, bitter gourd var.Nakhara, ridge gourd var. Black Gram IPU-02-43 2009 1408 15 1423 Black Gram PU-40 2008 5 1226 145 27.08 1403 Black Gram PU-31 2008 548 13677 14225 Black Gram Sulata 2008 1357 23 1380 Black Gram Guj-1 433 433 Black Gram T-9 1982 3063 1260 175 56 580 5135 Black Gram TAU-1 1985 2114 1357 3470 Black Gram Total 5177 593 0 1260 1800 0 1759 1357 1413 15692 56 50 118 0 0 23 Nation Black PU Strapless Crop Top. 2 Research Experience: 19 years crop growth, yield, nodulation and nutrition. atmospheric nitrogen. Recent Black gram : PU-31 HYV, replacement to T-9, released by Pantnagar UP. Size. The black gram variety BDU-1 recorded higher seed yield of (930 kg ha-1) which was significantly superior over varieties TAU-1 and TPU-4. This increase in seed yield of BDU-1 genotype might be due to the higher production efficiency that has been reflected through improvement in different yield attributing characters. Urdbean or uradbean or urid or urd or blackgram or kalai (Vigna mungo var. Crop & variety Groundnut, Devi Season & Year Kharif, 2016 Village Mandapada, GP- Ranagundi, Block- Danagadi Area (ha) 30 ha No. An official website of the United States government. Sowing season: Kharif & Summer; Sowing method: Drilling; Sowing spacing: R-R : 30-45 cm ; P-P : 5-10 cm; Extra description: tolerance to YMV; Special Remark: The information offered here is for reference only and depends exclusively on soil type and climatic conditions. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. The genotypes exhibited higher mean fresh weight (0.98 gm) on 10th day. Duration (days) Grain yield (kg/ha) Special features. It is used in Ayurvedic medicines due to the various health benefits that it offers. Among extract treated sets decrease in GP was most pronounced in test crop 1 treated with L. camara extract. It is also grown for forage and hay [15], and crop residues are an important feed for livestock. T9, UG 218, PU 19 and PU 30 produced mean seed yields of 0.64, 0.63, 0.17 and 0.05 t ha-1 when sown at the beginning of July, mid July, the end of July and mid August, respectively. The black gram cultivation has been taken up by the farmers extensively across the tail-end delta. sown crop and Mash-364 and Mash-1008 found out to be the most promising genotypes.

It contains vegetable protein and supplement to cereal based diet, it contains Whether you're wanting to dress up and hit the city or looking for your next festival fit - this top is for you! It becomes very destructive when the population is high that it can totally devour the host plant. 65-70 day. control sets of receptor crops, crop 2 showed better germination ability as compared to crop 1. Green gram also known as moong is one of the main pulse crop of India. Pureline selection from PLS 150. 4 TBG 104 vs PU 31 Resistant to YMV, polished seed 5 GBG 1/PU 31 Resistant to YMV, polished seed 6 GBG12/LBG 752 Resistant to YMV, polished seed 7 Bengalgram JG-11/Annegiri High yielding variety 8 NBeg 47/JG - 11 High yielding variety suitable for machine harvesting 9 NBeg 49/JG -11 High yielding variety tolerant to wilt In medium and upland conditions where rice crop is harvested early and moisture is expected to be less, horse gram should be cultivated as paira crop. Sprouts grow farther, reaching a length of about 8-9 cm after 6-8 days of soaking. PU-31 Local - 1343 1146 1204 1034 11.54 10.83 Tamil Nadu VBN-4 VBN-5 VBN-3 LBG-685 Co-5 ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur, Average of 2007-08 to 2002-13 Climate requirement Being a crop of tropical region, it requires hot and humid climate for best growth. ORGANIC FARMING :: Home. Response of black gram [Vigna mungo (L) Hepper] to Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculation under different soil amendment systems. Similar results were obtained by Nisar Ahmad Soomro (2 003). duration varieties of blackgram, green gram and horse gram (Co-1, Palem-1 , Palem-2 , CRHG-19

blackgram may be taken up. A locked padlock) or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. 6. Black gram/Cluster Bean/ Sesame Urd//Til/Cluster bean Or Maize for green cobs/Fodder (African Tall) Urd: T-9, Barkha, PU-31 Moong: K-851, RMG-62, Pusa Vishal, Increase seed rate by 10-15% of Pulses and sesame Chemical weed control may be preferred Transplanted Rice to be maintained on SRI Seed of short duration Black gram is an important pulse crop Arsenic Phytotoxicity in in India and a rich source of protein. 11. Blackgram var. Efficacy of some new insecticides against pod borer in mung bean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) 74 NK Yadav and PS Singh List of Referees for Vol. Sri Devi Traders - Offering Indian Black Gram Pu31, High In Protein at Rs 45/kilogram in Jaggam peta, Andhra Pradesh. It can be cultivated as Kharif as well as summer crop. Inter-crop in Castor Cultivation: Farmers can earn some extra income by going for inter crops. - Black gram : LBG-752, T9, PU 31, TU 94-2. Seeds through NFSM, ISOPOM, NHM and Orissa state seed corporation (OSSC). Harvested separately the Seeds of the marked true- to- type plants only. The rice armyworm is present in all stages of the rice crop. Medium duration variety. 17-19 140-150 Tolerant to wilt Gujarat Gram-4 (GCP-105) GAU 2000 NEPZ (East U.P., Bihar, West Bengal). Grams are native crops of India. Increased temperatures further reduce the crop duration of the short-duration pulses like mungbean and urdbean and this will lower the yield. 18-20 135-130 Resistant to wilt. Introduction. The crop field should be weed free initially for 3-4 weeks by following timely hoeing and weeding by power hand tiller and/or hand tools at 20 and 35 days after sowing.

500. Available quantity (q) Production Centre. Seeds are dark catch crop, cover crop, intercrop and crop rotation. Seed available for supply at different research stations of PJTSAU as on 02.01.2019. Due to the following reasons; The crop residues of pulses was incorporated into the soil which provided sufficient organic matter. 1988. Select fair number (300-500) of healthy plants typical of the cultivar and marked them for progeny testing . Urdbean or blackgram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper) is an important short duration pulse crop mainly grown in South Asian regions in different seasons of rainfed agro-ecosystems (Gupta et al., 2001).It is also referred as black gram, mash, dal kalai and urdibean.This food legume is considered as potential nutritious component of vegetarian diet Grams could be green, black or yellow in colour. For certified/ quality seed production leave a distance - of all around the field from the same and other varieties of the crop? soils. As the overall demand for black gram has increased, farmers are encouraged to grow the cash crops. The per capita requirement Green gram Black gram 2nd week of February (Kharif) Sept-mid October (Rabi crop) table 4: duration, yield and moisture % of different pulse crop Sl. Rainfall requirement : 400-700 mm The optimum temperature varies from 24-30 C. Crop Kharif Season(Area in Hectares) RabiSeason(Area in Hectares) Total (Area in Hectares) 28545.00 : 3 PILLIPESARA: 27895.71 - 27895.71 : 4 RED GRAM LRG : 41 19000.00 - 19000.00 : 5 : RED GRAM LRG 52 : 12000.00 - 12000.00 : 6 GREEN GRAM IPM 2-14: 12000.00 - 12000.00 : 7 BLACK GRAM PU 31: 14000.00 - 14000.00 : 8 BLACK GRAM IPU 2-43: 1: Chemical composition of Black gram Calorific Vitamine(mg/100g) value (cal./ 100g) Crude protein (%) Fat (%) Carb-ohyd-rate (%) Ca Style with PU pants and heels for a matching set look. Effect of co-cultivation and crop rotation on corm rot EB 16 A, EB 31, S-20, Junagadh 1, Punjab castor 1, Rosy, and MC 1 were (PU) (Raymond and Bui ). 29 (1) 76 LBG 402 x LBG 17. Parentage PU 31 X Co 6. New Phytol 157: 25-31. VIJAY, VISHAL & JAKI-9218. If symptoms are observed spray the crop with Mancozeb 75WP@2 gm/ltr of water. Crop / Variety. PU 31 is a bold seeded Yellow Mosaic Virus (YMV) tolerant blackgram variety with crop duration of 75-85 days depending on the environmental condition.

Groundnut, black gram, green gram, sorghum, pearl millet, cowpea, pigeon pea, and cotton can be grown along with castor. RAPD assisted selection of black gram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper) towards the development of multiple disease resistant germplasm. Promoting location specific high yielding new varieties in all crops such as MTU-1075, MTU-1153, MTU-1156 and MTU-1121 in Paddy, LRG-52 in Redgram , Nbeg-49, Nbeg-119 in Bengalgram.etc., are produced for distribution in A.P. Climatic Requirement Bengal gram is subtropical crop it grows well in wide range of climates. Methods: The field experiment was conducted in kharif-2019 at research farm of Tirhut College of Agriculture Dholi, to study the effect of integrated nutrient management on growth, yield parameters and the yield of black gram cv-PU-31, by the use different sources of nutrient in a integrated manner such as three level of fertilizer i.e. Vigna mungo L. (Hepper) commonly known as blackgram or urdbean is one of the important tropical nitrogen-fixing leguminous pulses used primarily for human consumption, fodder, and soil-enhancing green manure. Class of seed. It produces about 1.51.9 MT of Black gram annually from about 3.5 m ha area, with an average productivity of 600 kg/ha. Use rust resistant varieties for cultivation. The chemical composition of Black gram is given as under: Table No. The pulse, black gram plays an important role in India diet. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE , TELANGANA. $39.99 AUD. higher N, P and K uptakes by seed (39.6, 4.03 and 9.65 kg ha-1, respectively) and stover (31.3, 4.29 and 10.2 kg ha-1, respectively) as well as total uptakes (70.9, 8.32 and 19.9 kg ha-1, respectively) as compared to rest of treatments. sesamum in 1:2 or 2:4 row proport ion in light and medium black soils is suggested in North Dry Zone to make efficient use of available soil and water resources and to get higher returns. 8. gram is one of the most important crop. VNR-B-5, tomato var. 1973. The pods are linear, sometimes curved, G. round and slender with short pubescence. No. Black gram is a self-fertilized crop, and has a 3-month life cycle (Jansen 2006). CO 1. Seed rate for kharif season? Often called green gram or golden, it is cultivated in several countries of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. In India it is grown as Rabi crop . Gives average yield of 8-12 qtl/acre. Yield - 940 kg/ ha. Always refer to product labels and accompanying leaflets for complete product details and directions for use. Released for rainfed condition. In Punjab, near about 5.2 thousand hectares of area is under moong cultivation with total production of 4.5 thousand tones (2012-2013).

450 rice fallow)---High protein content of 19.9%. Year of release. Introduction. BLACK GRAM Year 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 Normal. Paddy. Parentage. It is a short duration crop and thrives better in all seasons either as sole or as intercrop. Jabalpur Pulses Black Gram Kharif PU 40 2 SHAHDOL PULSES Black Gram Kharif PU-35 0.54 Sidhi Pulse Black Gram Kharif LBG-20 4.2 Raisen Pulses Black Gram Kharif JU-86 7.5 Satna Pulse Black Gram Kharif IPU94-1 0.72 Satna Pulse Black Gram Kharif IPU2-43 0.78 Okra Kharif VNR -31 5.1 Know More 042-99231846 042-99231187 0300-4580679 ACADEMIC RECORD Certificate/ Anjum T (2006). 1994.

This pulses crop is Average yield is 12-15 q/ha. Being a drought resistant crop, it is suitable for dryland farming and predominantly used as an intercrop with other crops. CO 2. Urd bean has high (PU-30, PU-31, PU-38, PU-40, PUI- 94 -1 and TAU-1)of Black gram were evaluated under in micro plots in Agronomy farm at Rajasthan college of agriculture, Udaipu r during 2013 and 2014 kharif season. During 2015-16 with the suggestions of the Agriculture Department, the farmer has grown Black gram PU 31; In one year the farmer has realized net profit of Rs.77,530/- per one acre by following Pulses-maize. The seeds are small and nearly State Name of variety Kharif or Rabi Duration of crop (in days) ML-267 Kharif and Rabi 70-75 LGG-450 Kharif 65-70 LGG-460 Kharif 65-70 LGG-407 Kharif 65-70 WGG-37 Kharif and Rabi 65-70 than those in urd (Black gram). Korra : SIA-3085 Short duration, HYV, Released by RARS Nandyal. CO 4 x PDU 102. Proper planning and execution of time bound seed Production of different crops by following perfect seed chain . Timely sowing of BidhanKalai and PU 31 produced higher yield than late sowings of the same. The most virulent isolate (MVL) was utilized to screen the six 16. This crop is widely grown in Nalgonda, Medak, Warangal, Mahbubnagar and Khammam districts across the state. 1. Rama and pumpkin var. PROFESSOR JAYASHANKAR TELANGANA STATE AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY. Selection from Kanpur variety. PU- 31) at farmers field in humid south eastern plain of Rajasthan 71 BL Dhaka, RK Bairwa and Baldev Ram SHORT COMMUNICATION 18. Productivity and profitability analysis of blackgram (Cv.