Information Technology Related Majors. See the full rankings: 10 Most Popular College Majors For Women. Biology majors can study human, plants, animals, and the environments in which they live, and studies are conducted at the cellular level, Courses in this top college major are comprised of accounting, finance, business law, management, and marketing to give students a strong foundation for employment in a variety of industries. Choosing a major can be tricky, especially if you have multiple interests or don't know what kind of career you want to pursue. A business degree is a popular one that teaches students the skills they need to be successful in the 2. In this article, Ill go over the five most popular college majors and what they mean. UMs wide range of majors makes it possible to explore the topics that interest you most. Most popular majors. Question: What are the most popular majors for postsecondary students? Response: Of the 1,981,000 bachelor's degrees conferred in 201718, the greatest numbers of degrees were conferred in the fields of business (386,000), health professions and related programs (245,000), social sciences and history (160,000), engineering (122,000), biological and biomedical sciences Another of the most popular college majors of 2022 is social work, the discipline concerned with promoting the welfare of families and communities. Explore reports on the most popular concentrations IT has to offer. Nursing. By comparison, the median income for all Americans holding at least a bachelors degree in 2019 was $54,000, and the jobless rate was Psychology. 47 in the 2019 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings, the University of Miami is home to 10,000+ degree-seeking undergraduate students across 9 undergraduate schools and colleges. 10 Business. The Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown analyzed wages for 137 college majors, using Census Data. If you enjoy the world of medicine, and want to help people, now is the time to focus in on a Nursing degree. 1. Business management and administration. The gap in wages also increases over time, as top mid-career earners make about $100,000 while bottom-ranked earners make less than $60,000. From No. Are you intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes of the stores and services you use each day? For those wishing to broaden their search, IT is but one of 10 related majors within the broader computer and information sciences field of study. Featured Programs. Civil engineering is one of the most popular college majors and possibly the oldest engineering discipline in the US. Poking around, I wondered what the kids these days are learning and how it might be different from decades past, which led me to the number of bachelors degrees conferred by field of study, going back to 1970.I ranked them over time. Computer Science is a vast field that can include artificial intelligence, robotics, bio-computation, graphic design and various programming languages. Biology. While some majors are popular for both men and women, some are heavily dominated by one gender or the other. Most popular college major by graduation year Have the most popular majors always been the same over the years? Other majors that made the top ten list are psychology, computer science, medicine, law, chemistry, biology-related majors, education, and political science and government. Engineering. Base Salary: $69,519 Median Salary (2018): $99,070 (for electrical and electronics engineers) Job Outlook (2016-2026): 7% (for electrical and electronics engineers) This popular engineering major is currently experiencing a steady job growth rate and has a solid median salary of just under $100,000.. Electrical engineering is a technical field in Or have they shifted with each graduating class? Men's BasketballOscar Tshiebwe, Kentucky. On Monday, Tshiebwe was named's men's basketball player of the week by Katz after he posted a 27-point, 19-rebound double-double in a win over Florida Johnny Davis, Wisconsin. "The only reason the Badgers are in contention for the Big Ten title is because of Johnny Davis," Katz said.Ochai Agbaji, Kansas. More items According to a 2020 BestColleges study, 3 in 5 college graduates would change their majors if they could go back. Below are the top 20 college majors that most women graduate in. Nursing. In order, the most popular college majors in the US are: Biology, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Marketing , Psychology, and PoliSci / Sociology. This year, PayScale looked at a nearly 159,000 salary profiles submitted over the past year and culled a total of 50 college majors. Whether attending a four-year university, a community college, or an online school, students in California can choose from a wide variety of majors. 10 Most Popular College Majors For Men. A foundation in marketing is a great place to leap into a number of higher level careers. Students graduating from general studies programs can expect an average starting salary of $36,461 and an average mid-career salary of $61,345. The National Center for Education Statistics maintains a variety of metrics related to various levels of schooling. Visual and Performing Arts. 1. Business and Management. The number of bachelors degrees conferred in health professions and related Information is supplemented with facts about the different majors and the employment outlook from The College Board and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Social Sciences and History. Majors per 10,000 college grads (ages 25-29): 814. Nursing is the heavyweight here, with over 120,000 women graduating with a bachelor's in nursing in 2016. These college degree choices are not ranked in any way, and it should be noted that they arent popular because they necessarily guarantee the most money out of college. Biology/Biological Sciences 10. Chemistry. Plus, all college graduates salaries improve over time, regardless of major. Business is a vague degree and can lead to any number of careers. 25 Most Popular College Majors [2022 Guide] 1. Business Administration. The BLS reported that opportunities for social workers are growing at a much faster than average rate from 2020-2030. The top 25 percent in the field earn, on average, over $180,000 per year. Top 25 Majors That Will Actually Get You HiredBusiness Administration and Management. Being wanted feels good, doesnt it? Computer Science. Whether youre hooked on your phone or laptop, computer science is the only reason youre able to read this guide.Engineering. Accounting. Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences. Marketing/Public Relations. History. Nursing. Education. Advertising. More items Nursing students learn skills in cultural awareness, critical thinking, time management and communication. 35. If so, think about 2. A Business Administration major is one of the most in-demand majors for both students and employers. Social Work. You can earn a very high median annual salary of more than $83K per year with this major. The new results serve as an update to a prior report on intended college majors. Major Description: An all-encompassing term, business and management programs provide a baseline of business principles, which include critical thinking Thats right, the majority of entering college students agree that theyre not in a position to make this kind of commitment and even among those who do have a major selected, 75% change their minds (and their majors). See the tables below for the most popular programs by degree level. Business is the most popular undergraduate major, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Engineering is an interdisciplinary degree that focuses on using different aspects of STEM to solve real-world problems. I know I could have used it in my college search process! The ten most popular majors in the USA include business, social sciences, history, biological and biomedical sciences, communication and journalism, education, health professions, engineering, psychology, visual and performing arts, and computer and information sciences. Nursing majors work in the healthcare industry in hospitals, physicians' offices and nursing care facilities. As a performing art, a Music degree prepares students to be professional musicians or teachers. Accounting. Median annual salary: $62,000 A degree in business management and administration is the most popular major in the United States, perhaps Education. Agricultural science. The average salary for the top 20 most popular majors women choose is $52,800. Weve compiled a list of the most popular college majors just so you can get a sense of what other students are choosing. If you were headed to college today, would you choose the same major all over again? Most common college majors 1. Business. Graduates with low-paying majors can earn less than half the annual income of the highest-paid grads, and over a career spanning more than 40 Nursing is a popular major for those who want to work in the medical field and it offers a sturdy career 3. William, for example -- the second most popular boy name -- was given to 157,125 baby boys in the 1880s and 1890s, whereas the second most popular girl name, Anna, was only given to 93,420 baby girls. Nursing. There are several specializations in this field. Choosing Your Major: A review of popular college majors and resources you can review such as related occupations, salary and the types of tasks, work environment and expected requirements.Match your interests and explore what majors will motivate you to finish college. #10: Electrical Engineering. As a result, there are many college that offer the degree, making your choice of school a hard one. Matthew Lynch The median wage for college grads ages 22-27 is $52,000, compared to a median wage of $30,000 for workers with no college degrees. Highest-Earning Majors. A new report shows some undergraduate degrees pay off more than others literally. Computer and information scientists can excel in careers like data science, cybersecurity, computer programming, data visualization, web development, software engineering, game design. A business degree is one of the most popular majors that college students choose. Computer science is top-ranked as the most popular college major and for good reason. 1. For the graduating class of 2022, the five highest interest majors were: Do you want to be a Nurse? Click Here! Via Pexels. Business is arguably the most popular college major in the U.S. and the world at large. Engineering. The majors in this area have What college degrees are most in demand? Some of the most in-demand majors include: Nursing. Culinary arts. Computer science. Business administration. Accounting. Physical therapy. Medical assisting. Mathematics and statistics. What bachelor degrees are in demand? Top 20 Bachelors Degrees with the Biggest Payoff 2021. Petroleum Engineering. As you can see there is some overlap in the lists. 2 Between 200910 and 201819, the number of bachelors degrees conferred in business increased by 9 percent, from 358,100 to 390,600 degrees. The Most Popular Degrees for Men. College Majors List; Most Popular Majors/Degrees; Most Popular Majors/Degrees. Not only is it incredibly popular, with thousands of students selecting this major each year, but its also diverse and highly lucrative. Business majors study topics like marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, and organizational management. This is one of the most in demand careers currently with nearly every area needing more staff. 3. Computer Science. One important statistic reinforces this theory: the most popular college major among incoming freshmen is "undecided." Nurses care for ill or injured patients and guide them through the recovery process. Based on Niches top majors, ranked by the number of degrees awarded, heres what students are studying at U.S. colleges and what career tracks they can expect when they leave campus. 5 to No. There are 7 concentrations within information technology alone. This high salary is for architecture and engineering jobs, which are also expected to grow by about 6% over the next ten years. Biomedical sciences. Psychology. The foundations of a business degree focused on running companies successfully by studying in various areas. A new report from The Cashlorette examined median incomes and unemployment rates for U.S. adults with only a bachelor's degree across 173 different majors. Communication and Journalism. The worst college majors are fields of study that leave the student with relatively few job opportunities and often a distorted or ultra-liberal view of the world. IT Concentrations. Most Popular College Majors. One of the most popular college majors is engineering. While its possibly not one of the most predictable entry placements on our list, engineering takes the top spot, yielding a greater number of millionaires than any other degree subject, according to Spears and WealthInsight.