If interested text me at 613-770-2615 or email me. In excellent condition, maybe never used. You must have a good vise mounted to a sturdy work bench to operate the tool. I have a couple flaring kits I used when building brake lines for race cars. I have for sale a Hilmor swage and flaring tool kit. i bought my bubble flair kit from snap-on truck. 1 coil of 3/16"/4.75mm tubing with 1 #2 and 1 #4 nut pac. I also have come to the conclusion that I am overthinking it, and will just do a few more practice pieces and decide on my technique and make my flares with the tool I have.

$400.00 will be charged to your credit card. [This post a project of David Wissel, engineer. Complete with original supplied grease. if you are looking for a specific line, your local FLAPS should have bubble flare sections. HRDRAULIC FLARING AND SWAGING TOOL KIT; 1/4" T0 7/8" DIES; USED 6 TIMES; LIKE NEW; VERY POWERFUL. Only used once Excellent condition $20 Call or text John on 902 989 1764 Yes they are available, pick up only, No Name Flaring Tool Kit In good condition, case is broken 6pcs No accessories Discounted from $25 Further Discounts May Apply In Store Only Pick up on 17th Ave SE UPS Shipping Available Price does not include GST. I've got a project and my brake flaring tool is not robust enough to bubble flare the stainless steel lines. Is it easy? It will flare 1/8 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 in 5/8 and 3/4 in tube, Flaring Tool Kit 9 pc Set With Bits Incl: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8" Address: Major Intersection (Queensway & East Mall - 427/QEW) 1589 The Queensway Unit #11 Etobicoke ON M8Z 5W9 Monday - Friday 9:00-5:30 Sunday 09:00-2:00, RIGID FLARING TOOL NALCO CRIMPING TOOL NALCO FOLDING BAR 18 RIGID TUBING CUTTER PRIMEGRIP LEFT SNIP MIDWEST RIGHT SNIP MIDWEST LONG NOSE SNIP YELLOW JACKET WRENCH SEAMERS TIN STRAIGHT SNIP. Found a company in Cleburne that has a hydraulic tool that can do it. The flaring kit at auto zone is not intended for bubble flare but I did make a few with that kit after seeing a post on youtube and it worked but I would not do every connection like that its a PITA! www.wolfsburgwest.com ? I can't find that item anywhere on their website, except as part of a $100 assortment. While we're on the subject, anyone have tips on using the regular ole flare tool? Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. But they did not have a 6mm bubble flare union, and their only tool was ~$400 and out of stock. I finally found a flaring tool that works, flared what was needed and tried to hook the pre-made line (tag pictured in a photo above) up to the right rear rubber brake line, and it leaked like crazy and wouldn't tighten down. Increase the search radius for more results. Maintenant c'est vendu avec la marque BluePoint et la garantie est limite. The rental fittings kit is a stroke of genius. Makes it like soft drawn copper for the flare. $235 for the whole works. Flare wrench Size? The problem is the dies are usually worn on the DF tool right where the tapered press pieces contacts the oval on the die. I am convinced this DF tool exists to sell tubing you will waste getting a good flare that does not leak. Put the tube 1/2 in the BF visetighten.loosenmove it to just a little above the surface of the vise.tighten all the way down[clean out the tube hole with a needle file or bit]now file tube FLAT to the surface of the viseloosennow move it into position for flaring then tighten taper it tad with a file, wire brush, dremel [don't mess up he flat] and flare it. I had one and was trying to flare the SS lines for my jeep.I ended up wasting about $50 worth of tubingthe basic problem with the tool is that the clamp does not hold the tubing 'exactly' 90 deg to the flaring c-clampthe end result is that the flare would walk to one side. Okso buy this BF tool on Amazon as the DIE is MUCH better and its darn near impossible to roll over and break the pin. I tighten the wingnuts with the sliding rod on flare to ensure the tubing is in block. I used a standered (sae) when I did my breaks. DOUBLE FLARING TOOL SET, WITH 5 DIES/YOLK AND BAR ASSEMBLY/HANDLE/45 FLARE. All rights reserved. 75 pieces of auto specialty tools from filter wrenches, hones, feeler gauges ,snap ring pliers and flaring kit. Need to make bubble flares on 5/16" fuel line. Trying to avoid having fuel lines that are really hard to service when I am laying under the car with gas dripping in my eyes . 1 coil of 3/16"/4.75mm tubing and 1 #2 nut pack. Only used twice. Get crazy n make your own with a roll of line from Napa, an assortment of fittings and a flaring tool..or just buy the kit as posted. Now I have a leak where the long line that goes to the front goes to the union, again the nut won't tighten down and it's leaking pretty bad. I will also need to locate a bubble flare tool. Brand New/Never Used, FLARING TOOL SET SNAPON SNAP ON TUBE TUYAU BRAKE LINE PIPE, Single-Stage Rotary Vane Economy Vacuum Pump HVAC Air Tool 220V/50HZ#230502, Ebern Designs Canap accoudoirs vass 27 po Shoko, Double flaring tool for brake line - Mastercraft, 12 volt vacuum/oil filter wrench/Booster Cables, Flaring tools.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It looks like their Cunifer line is much, much easier to work with though, so if you're doing more than one or two small sections, it's probably worth investing in a bulk roll with the appropriate fittings. when it comes to nicopp the cheapest flaring tools seem to work just fine LOVE THAT STUFF. Does a perfect double flare on steel brake lines. your company. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This is what you need, I had a friend loan me his when I did the stainless lines on the 32 Ford I built several years ago. FYI, their website has not changed since I did that work! Doing brake lines is a matter of life and death, don't take it lightly. Made in UK. I also cut tubing with a die grinder vs the tubing cutter, dressing the end clean and square is the deal and I never have an issue. 10 creative ways to find speed using data acquisition, Hagerty Cars and Caffeine added to $2000 Challenge, Share a photo of your dog with your BMW, win prizes from BimmerWorld. makes it fast and easy to use, while other tools leave you struggling, the 009 makes perfect flares every time! If the line union you've ordered from elsewhere turns out not to be what you need, after searching around on fedhill I found this which might do the trick: I do not believe this type of fitting would be safe for brake lines Yep, that's what I needed. Summit has a version that does multiple sizes including 5/16", but it's like $160.

Making lines that didnt rust would be a big plus though. SoooI realized I am not correctly using the term. Die once. Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from. EverettB wrote: Buy them from WolfsburgWest or another VW source. for sale. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. I'm going to have them make some new SS fuel lines for my 1923 Hupmobile, so I can throw away the originals. anyone have tips on using the regular ole flare tool? They take laser-machine scans of your old one, and knock out a perfect fitting new one in a few minutes while you waitdouble flared, too.

a bubble flare kit isn't too bad in price but unless you plan on doing this for a living just buy the premade sets. Parts number TF-528-C. $25.00 for the first two weekends,(time in shipping not counted) then $25.00 per week after that, plus $375.00 security deposit. I felt a little bit better after talking with you when I ordered the stuff, but once I got everything and started working, I was shocked at how well it went. - *Power Steering Pulley Removal/Installation Tool 2 SPECIALTY TOOL KITS $50 & 2 AIR TOOLS $30, or $70 for ALL OF IT. Selling for $20. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The 009's precision punch and die blocks

You are using an out of date browser. Most modern GM vehicles (after the late 80's) and nearly all other vehicles use bubble flared brake lines. Used once to fix up my brakes. Here's what one of our customers had to say about the rental program. google_ad_slot = "4972140983"; And also add some brake fluid to the flare. Pick up is south of Chestermere. I already have the flare tool, guess I didn't make myself clear, the problem is with the new steel brake line section I installed, and the union between the long steel line going to the master cylinder and the new piece of line. Bjq9r25QHk1O7YttFANlbEdO26VHfLkOb0FKSoucW3ESHEWcqbDS5lFMVpHuslGK. Hardware. Only tip I have is too tighten down the wing nuts with the closed end of a combo wrench. http://www.ehow.com/how_5435547_make-double-flare-brake-lines.html, http://buy1.snapon.com/catalog/item&group_ID=1338&store=snapon-store&dir=catalog, http://www.sptools.co.uk/Catalogue/tabid/140/language/en-US/Default.aspx, http://www.toolstop.co.uk/draper-49447-bpf/pro/kit-draper-expert-brake-pipe-flaring-tool-kit-p9166, http://www.frost.co.uk/item_detail.d+1/4&frostCat=&frostSubCat=&CatID=&SubCatID=, https://www.europaspares.com/BRAKE_RAKE_FLARE_TOOL___IMPERIAL___METRIC_4095.html, http://www.uktools.com/product_info.php/flaremaster2-brake-pipe-flaring-tool-p-11497, http://www.wrightsautosupplies.co.uk/products/10436-3-16-x-25FT-(-90-10).htm. When bubble is needed get a stick of bubble line and cut, then add an SAE double flare with fittings to the other end. I was really dreading the job and honestly had no idea how I was going to complete it before I found Anyone ever use one? In particular, I am looking for an M12 x 1 fitting for a 6mm hydraulic line to the SLS control valve on my 84 300D wagon. If interested you can call the number in this ad 2 flaring tools in good condition. I used the harbor freight flaring tool on my brake line. It worked fine; I did have a problem mating different brands of unions, though. Please see my other ads. I like one that does 5/8 also.

Sorry, I only saw a link to a flaring tool you posted here. 2022 Motorsport Marketing. After you do here is a TRICK. I have a rack of pre-mades also, usually use one if I can. Booster Cables are $5.00. If you would like to rent a tool please contact us. You will work-harden the tube if you use a standard tubing cutter. I just looked @ SP site, Where are the prices? For 02700000 its 233GBP =$371 U.S about the same as fedhill @$359. I must have flared 30-40 ends, and when I put it all back together I didn't have a single leak. Man, their equipment is way impressive. I am asking $120 for it. Many of these connections are in tight quarters around the rear axle. The bubble flare have a tint to the nuts and some counter people don't know there are two different types and mix them when putting them on the shelve. Fortunately I had the old fitting still so I cut/reflared the pre-made line where it hooks to the right rear brake line and the old fitting tightened down just fine with no leaks. Mark, did you ever get answers to your questions above? Their website really needs some housekeeping the 6mm section is glaringly empty. Got the rental tool from O'reilly's and can get something that will probably work but it's more like a fluted end than a bubble, and they seem to want to come out a few degrees off square. Double Flaring Tool kit For double or single flares in brake pipes etc. Strange. Where have you tried? You must enter text for 'Comments or Questions'. - 23 used Sockets (various Imperial sizes & drives) - 11 New Sockets (Imperial sizes) - " Flaring tool, Selling a vintage flaring tool in good condition, Imperial Eastman brand - double flare brake line set . Cyndy Beachboard - Orders, billing, shipping. Sells for $27+tax at Canadian Tire. I bought my brake line kit from Ronnie at bustoration and had to make a few individual pieces later for my dual mc conversion. I have the autozone flare kit, will that work with my old fittings?

When doing the flares keep reminding yourself to make sure the fittings are on the line section first! There are pliers-type tools that are capable of in place bending tight radius curves that are very useful when it comes to lining. HVAC TOOLS (flaring tool, snips, seamers, etc). BTW autozone,Napa,Kragen/o'rileys do not rent the bubble flare ones. They'd also send you a tray full of fittings for that size line. It is the old style before the bubble flares and no tubing cutter. To use this DF tool requires TWO flaring operations for a double flare [BF is ONE operation] and if you look on line 'youtube you'll find a CHEAT where you only use 1/2 the operation of a DF to get an 'alleged' bubble flare. Post your classified or want ad in Canada Classifieds. Husband used for gas fitting. You are using an out of date browser. Technoact Inc is a wholesale distributor of residential and commercial HVAC/R products: Manifold gauge with flaring tools set for sale: Manifold Gauge R410a,R134a,R404A,R22 1 PC Refrigerant Hose:60 NAPA 18Pc Master In-line Flaring Tool Kit #165C. I have that Snappy kit, its OK but the bolt broke in it, have had other ones I like as well or better. Now if you go to Autozone they will tell you "A Double is a Bubble" [NOT SO] and let you borrow the rental Double Flare Toolnopeno BUBBLE FLARE tool at Autozone or Advance or O'Reiley!!

It will come with a UPS return shipping label. Use Distance Search to find Ads based on where you are and how far you want to travel. Thus you discovered the 2nd purpose at Autozonewhich is to sell tools you will break and not be able to return. Yup, that looks like the correct union. I got a Blue point set at an estate sale last week for $12 looks unused but one of the double flare dies is missing. Die twice. Thanks again! Does stainless easily too along with -AN and other types of flaring. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. SC2 frt. Please phone in complete order of tubing, nuts and tool rental. I no i am. Asking $150 each or best offer, New flaring tool for copper or steel lines.

Eastwood Hydraulic Tubing Flaring Tool Set. The tool I posted before is for metric bubble flares yet it works with the 3/16" brake line. I went up to the Right Stuff Detailing's open house event in Columbus, Ohio last week. Back then, they had a program where you could rent their very niceflaring tool with the appropriate die set for whatever line you were using. 04 Vue brake line flare type and fitting size. One tip i recently learned is to use like a dremel cut-off tool to cut the tubing instead of using a pipe cutter which restricts the tubing. hands down, one of the best time saving tools Ive bought in years. Ive doubled-flared 304SS 3/16 lines with a similar tool by Rigid when I made all new lines for my old 66 Fairlane. Long ago (probably close to 15 yrs ago now? Inspect each flare you make with a magnifying glass looking for cracks and bits of metal. TRICK: To straighten use the VISE portion of this tool on the tube. I do not like the manual flaring tools anymore,slow.Have the Mastercool set at work which is pretty much slick to use and much faster than the manual version.The Mastercol set is worth it if you do lots of brake lines saving you time.Buy the brakeline by the roll,less connections to use.I see one mistake some do and like to teach them a lesson.Some put a compression fitting in which is a huge NO!Compression fittings do not hold up to a braking system's pressure.