The Department of Basic Education approved a list of 39 PBO websites on 8 May 2020, and until last week, only Telkom and other fixed line operators had zero-rated the PBO sites. 5. There is a 10 percent excise tax before VAT levied on sweetened beverages. There are almost 1,000 zero-rated websites in South Africa. This was announced by ISPA ( The Internet Service Providers Association of South Africa ). The list is regularly (Mondays) updated these websites are accessible for free, some of the websites listed are in zero-rating process. 11 of the Most Embarrassing Government Websites. Visits to eight important support websites will be zero rated so customers won't need a data allowance to access them. Supply of goods that come under zero rated list, which means tax rate of the goods that is fixed at 0% come under GST exemption list. 2. Mobile networks including Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom have zero- rated various educational and data management portals in addition to the websites which have been zero-rated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Major mobile providers EE, Vodafone, Three, Sky, Virgin, Tesco and giffgaff have all signed up to the Government's proposals. Islamabad (March 27, 2020) In light of the present Covid-19 pandemic, telecom operators have been undertaking many initiatives to facilitate their subscribers across Pakistan and to provide them with awareness about Corona virus & uninterrupted services. According to Wikipedia, zero-rated websites are sites that can be accessed without a data plan (free data access), nor do they consume or charge the user's data plan. This covers just some certain websites on an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or carrier's network Update (February 15, 2022): We have actually upgraded the listing with even more zero-rated sites for several networks. 75:06, which specifies the items which are zero-rated for VAT. Contact numbers/Trunk lines: 8734-74-20 | 8734-59-66 Local 134 This allows for more nuanced zero-rating of content within a website, but poses challenges for secure sites, and the process for adding each new site to the zero-rated list is more time consuming. Mobile networks are now zero-rating access to the following NHS domains: Mobile networks have also zero-rated a number of services and websites in accordance with directives from the Competition Commission. Mobile networks including Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom have zero-rated various educational and data management portals in addition to the websites which have been zero-rated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Networks: MPT, Ooredoo, Mytel, Mectel, and Telenor. duty of Federal excise levied and charged at the rate of zero per cent under section 5 of this act. African Storybook. Click on the SNI search filter to select your country of interest. professional artists ; artists selling art online ; anybody selling digital goods and services relating to art in the UK and/or EU; Non-established taxable persons (e.g. This means that persons can browse these sites without incurring Internet service charges.

Telkom said on Monday that it is zero-rating dozens of educational websites as well as sites that provide information that can help South Africans contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In such cases, your list of zero-rated sites changes to Vodacoms zero-rated list. This zero-rating has already been implemented on the bmobile network and will become available from Friday April 17 on the Digicel network. For further information and clarification on various Federal Excise Duty (FED) concepts, kindly refer to the: Federal Excise Act, 2005 All Government websites can now be accessed free of cost from any Internet-compatible device. The law, published on 26 August 2010, added three articles to the General Law of Telecommunications, forbidding ISPs Table 3.12 SCT on alcoholic beverages, 2015 63. These are taxable supplies that are subject to a zero rate. There are almost 1,000 zero-rated websites in South Africa. The VAT, first instituted in 1997, replaced 11 different taxes which fell primarily on imports, including the consumption tax and stamp duties. Cookies means small text files which our Website places on your computer's hard drive to store information about your shopping session and to identify your computer - find out more on our cookies page. d. Construction consulting, including activity on the feasibility study, planning and designing of a building or building master plan that is located outside Indonesia. The SNI hostname includes the domain, unique IP Address, Response Code, open port (e.g., 80, 443), and the HTTP status. Effective Thursday, March 26, the ministry, in partnership with One-On-One Educational Services Limited and FLOW, began providing students and teachers with zero-rated data access to a learning management system for an initial two-week period. Networks: Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo, and MTN. National News & Events Browse national news and events. In the Government Gazette, the DCDT notes the directions are to provide a framework for the zero-rating of sites and indicates the application process to have the Web sites zero-rated.

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Importantly, the Government of Ghana has indefinitely suspended a policy directive to remove the benchmark value discount regime, which provided a discount on the transaction value of imported goods used in the determination of import duties. We compiled several thousand zero-rated websites for different countries in the world. Table 3.11 SCT as applied to motor vehicles, aircraft and vessels 2015 61. Telkom has also zero-rated official coronavirus information sites on its network including The National Institute for Communicable Usps.Com. Ugandan zero-rated websites download. As a way of supporting the fight against the spread of Coronavirus in Uganda, and people being advise to stay home, Africell Uganda has provided a list of Educational and informative websites for its subscribers to access even from home. SPA Helps Consumers Verify Zero-Rated Websites in SA. The full list of zero-rated websites in South Africa is shown below. Mobile networks have also zero-rated a number of services and websites in accordance with directives from the Competition Commission. LIST OF ZERO-RATED SITES ON THE DIGICEL NETWORK URL INSTITUTION CATEGORY FROM MOEYI TYPE EDUCATI ONAL Caribbean Maritime University MAIN INSTITUTION WEBSITE Web Browsing YES Caribbean Maritime University MAIN INSTITUTION WEBSITE Communications YES This service will continue on both networks until July 10. The final list of zero-rated items came into effect on February 1st, 2016 by the Value Added Tax (Amendment to Schedule 2) Order 2016. The following type of activities are eligible for zero-rated VAT: a. Toll-manufacturing. COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal. The Minister of Finance, Honourable Colm Imbert, MP, wishes to advise that the supplementary list of Basic Food Items that will be VAT-Free (Zero-Rated) from Monday, November 1st, 2021, has been published as The Value Added Tax (Amendment to Schedule 2)(No. Networks: Africell and MTN. The Site has extensive information on funding and training opportunities, clinical trials, health news and links to the many Institutes and Centers that make-up the NIH. EU means any country or territory in the fiscal (VAT) area of the European Community excluding

In the Government Gazette, the DCDT notes the directions are to provide a framework for the zero-rating of sites and indicates the This has been announced by Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. the Hon. 37% continue to use only no cost options that is, their zero-rated service in combination with public WiFi. On 13 June 2010, the National Congress of Chile amended the country's telecommunications law in order to preserve network neutrality, becoming the first country in the world to do so. This was announced by ISPA (The Internet Service Providers Association of South Africa). Table 3.8 Price list for tobacco and alcoholic beverage products, 2015 60. Information is life, they claim. Enhancing agricultural production and productivity. zero-rated. Andrew Wheatley, who noted that all 256 government websites are (now) zero-rated. 2) Machetes, 11.43 cm triangular cutlass files, grubbing hoes, farm forks purchased solely for use in agricultural activities. If you do so, please update this number into the SA Cellular Number field in PeopleSoft. Zero-rating is the practice of providing Internet access without financial cost under certain conditions, such as by permitting access to only certain websites or by subsidizing the service with advertising or by exempting certain websites from the data allowance.. Commentators discussing zero-rating present it often in the context of net neutrality. 7. Please note that you only access these sites for free only when using MTN data. Write down the details of a hostname of your choice. The government has announced that effective April 1, zero-rated VAT will apply to 21 basic consumer items. The supply of goods to the SEZ that is Special Economic Zone or SEZ developer comes under GST exemption list. b. There is zero content on this website, making it completely useless to the end user and eliminating its purpose. 2) Order, 2021; Legal Notice No. Through this access, MTN believes that Ugandans will be able to stay safe at home and learn while at it.

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All Government websites can now be accessed free of cost from any Internet-compatible device. Government Gazette No. Country: Nigeria. The move is a sensible and proportionate response to the coronoavirus pandemic. The following supplies are zero-rated for the purposes of section 17-. For example, by Digicel zero rating Loop TT ( ), Digicel gives Loop TT an advantage over other local news media (newspapers, radios) as Digicel users do not pay to access Loop TT but are charged to access other news media sites. It may be a surprising winner, but was clearly the most impressive state website. AfricellUg introduced these Zero-Rated Websites to enable people to stay informed with latest News, Health and also keep Our account have different active periode and available account in each server. Table 3.10 SCT as applied to petroleum products, 2015 61. Some free sites are zero-rated for 3 months, others 6 months, and others up to a year and more. Go to the Howdy SNI Host website using your web browser to access the available fresh list. Zero-rated Supplies. Find information on our most convenient and affordable shipping and mailing services. This form serves as an application to have a website zero-rated in terms of the Electronic Communications, Postal and Broadcasting Directions issued on 26th March 2020 under Regulation 10(8) of the Regulations made under the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act No. Table 3.13 SCT duties on tobacco products, 2015 64 This will be reviewed based on the ministrys needs during this time. In addition, 35% of all zero-rating users continue to use the zero-rated service and a paid plan. Find information by topic for citizens, business and non-profit concerns, government employees, and visitors to the U.S. Find State and Federal government benefit programs you may be eligible to receive. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure youre on a federal government site. O2 has today announced a zero rating on more than 20 additional support and advice websites to help its customers access the support they need, worry free, during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. All content is in the public domain unless otherwise stated. e. Information and technology. Disaster Management Act: Directions: Measures to address, prevent and combat the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19: Zero-rating of websites for Education and Health If this is a problem for you, we recommend that you get a pay-as-you-go SIM from Vodacom and use this SIM card to connect to UCT resources. March 25, 2022 6:00 am. Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago MINISTRY OF FINANCE Amendments have been made to Schedule 2 of the Value Added Tax Act Chap. 1.Pornhub Premium Best Free Safe Porn Site. Minister for Economy, Aiyaz Zaiyed-Khaiyum made the announcement while delivering the 20212022 revised budget. Unique Visitors | 42,400,000. 43258 of 29 April 2020, unless the context otherwise indicates. Welcome to GST shall be levied and charged on the taxable supply of goods and services. Repair and maintenance. These goods include fresh vegetables, fresh milks, and so on. (a) a supply of services directly in connection with land or any improvement to land situated outside Guyana; (b) a supply of services directly in respect of . 31 Mar 2021 admin Education department of education, educational, khan academy, mindset learn, siyavula, vodacom ecschool, western cape education, zero rated A Zero rated website is a website that is free to access! Health Care improvement through reduction of child mortality rates. Also, some sites will remain zero-rated as long as Covid19 still threatens the people. Jamaicas two major telecommunication providers (Telcos), Digicel (Jamaica) Limited and Cable and Wireless (Jamaica) Limited (trading as FLOW) have agreed to zero-rate access to all novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers in use by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, effective today, March 13, 2020. A list of goods and imports that are exempt from excise taxes is available from the Barbados Customs Department. National Programs Get information about Uganda. 57 of 2002), as amended.These Directions state: 9.1 Electronic Communications Service

According to Wikipedia, it is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication..